Membership Eligibility Criteria

A person is qualified to be a member of ALHR if, and only if:

  1. The person;
    1. Admitted or qualified to practice as a legal practitioner in any State or Territory of Australia; or
    2. Working in a legal capacity in Australia at the time of making the application for membership; or
    3. Teaching or studying law ar law-related subjects in Australia leading to tertiary qualifications to practice law; or
    4. Has a law degree or its equivalent from an Australian institution; and
  2. The person;
    1. Has been approved for membership of ALHR by the committee of ALHR; and
    2. Is an individual; and
  3. The person agrees to act in a manner consistent with the objects of ALHR.

Once your membership application has been paid your membership will be reviewed by the National Committee. If approval is declined membership fees will be refunded in full.