Benefits of Membership

Membership of ALHR provides unique opportunities to advocate for the protection of human rights

5 reasons to join ALHR

As Australia’s leading human rights organisation for legal practitioners we offer:

1. Ongoing education in international human rights law

ALHR assists legal professionals to continue to develop their knowledge of human rights law and incorporate human rights principles into their areas of legal practice in Australia. We offer members a diverse range of unique professional development opportunities.

Members have access to:

– Training

– Education

– Publications

– CLE courses

– Conferences

– Seminars


2. Resources and research

– Monthly national and State newsletters to keep members abreast with the latest developments in human rights law in Australia.

– Exclusive access to a significant library of submissions on human rights issues.

– The opportunity to participate in high level research projects on human rights issues.


3. Networking & Career Advancement

– Mentoring opportunities for young lawyers and law students interested in pursuing a career in human rights practice.

– Extensive networking and collaborative opportunities for legal professionals in the developments in human rights law in Australia.


4. A voice on human rights and law reform in Australia and internationally

– Members have the opportunity to impact State and federal legislation through work on submissions and our topic specific national subcommittees.

– The chance to work on amicus curiae applications and submissions to United Nations human rights treaty bodies.

– opportunities to participate in law reform, advocacy and media.


5. (Legal) Business and human rights

– ALHR provides education, training and resources to legal professionals and legal businesses in order to facilitate the conduct of legal practice in a manner which respects recognised international business and human rights principles.