ALHR accepts no funding from governments or political organisations.

Our fundraising plan for 2020 has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic because we cannot hold events. We are facing significantly less resources to promote and protect international human rights standards in Australia during a time when we face unprecedented threats to our rights.  We are reaching out for your help.

During this time whilst many of us are working from home, please consider donating your weekly or monthly commute, take-away coffee or lunch money.

Even small donations collectively have a huge impact so regardless of the size of your individual gift, it will make a difference!

Your money will help ALHR continue its vital work in to promote and protect:

  • the humane treatment of refugees and Australia’s compliance with the Refugee Convention;
  • a Human Rights Act in Australia and every state and territory;
  • respect for the rights of women and girls’;
  • the rights of person’s living with disabilities;
  • equality for LGBTI Australians;
  • corporate accountability for human rights;
  • the rights of children in Australia;
  • the voices of First Nations Peoples and their right to self determination; 
  • everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living, to housing, education and to enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health;
  • monitoring of the Government’s ‘freedom agenda’ for compliance with international human rights standards;
  • federal and State laws across Australia that incorporate and respect international human rights norms;
  • national, regional and international collaboration toward the realisation and protection of human rights.

Donate Now

Thank you for considering making a donation to ALHR.

Your contributions will give ALHR the ability to plan effectively, allowing us to advocate for long-term progressive change on human rights in Australia.

Under the current laws, donations to ALHR do not qualify as tax-deductible. ALHR is strictly independent of government funding. As such we are dependent upon donations from members to maintain our advocacy and campaigning.

Other ways to donate:
If you are interested in further supporting ALHR in other ways such as through the wonderful gift of a bequest or through the donation of pro bono services, please contact our national fundraising coordinator at: