ALHR signs Fitzgerald Principles on Queensland accountability and transparency

posted on January 28, 2015

ALHR and other concerned groups have sent an open letter to Queensland political parties.  The full body of the text is attached.  The public have also been invited to add their names to the letter here: An open letter to Queensland political parties, The erosion of accountability and transparency has damaged democracy in Queensland. Successive governments … Read More >>

Powerful Bahá’í documentary ‘To Light a Candle’ screening in Sydney

posted on January 28, 2015

To Light a Candle provides a powerful account of Iran’s largest religious minority, the Bahá’ís, and their peaceful response to decades of state-sponsored persecution. Following the 1979 Iranian revolution, Bahá’ís have faced systematic persecution including arrests, imprisonment and executions. They are also forbidden from attending or teaching at universities. The film shines light on the underground … Read More >>

Media Release: Fair Work Amendment Bill in breach of ILO Bargaining Convention

posted on January 28, 2015

ALHR opposes the adoption of the Fair Work Amendment (Bargaining Processes) Bill 2014. “This Bill” says ALHR President, Nathan Kennedy, “restricts the autonomy of workers in the collective bargaining process and tests their claims against possible productivity changes. It does this in two ways: (1) byrequiring‘improvementstoproductivity’tobediscussedduringenterprisebargaining;and (2) by restricting Fair Work Commission approval of protected … Read More >>

UNCAT delivers Concluding Observations on Australia

posted on January 15, 2015

The Committee against Torture considered the combined fourth and fifth periodic reports of Australia at its 1260th and 1263rd meetings, held on 10 and 11 November 2014, and adopted at its 1284th and 1285th meetings, held on 26 November 2014, the attached concluding observations. UNCAT Concluding Observations

Media Release: Department of Social Services ignores human rights of children

posted on January 15, 2015

MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Department of Social Services has announced that it will discontinue $280,000 in annual Commonwealth funding for a family program run by the Karralika Programs drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Ben Ettinger, the Convenor of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights in the Australian Capital Territory, expressed dismay at the decision. … Read More >>

Media Release: Lawyers question police independence following Santos sponsorship of Queensland police

posted on December 19, 2014

Lawyers in Queensland have joined the debate about the sponsorship of Queensland Police by private corporations such as Santos. “The independence of the Australian police is fundamental to our democracy and our human rights” said Nathan Kennedy, lawyer and President of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR).  “The sponsorship of the State’s Police Force by … Read More >>

‘Accountability and the Law: Safeguarding Against Corruption in Queensland’ conference

posted on December 19, 2014

Accountability and the Law: safeguarding against corruption in Queensland Monday, 9 February 2015 Customs House Brisbane ‘Accountability and the Law: safeguarding against corruption in Queensland’ is a one-day conference which will examine issues of accountability and transparency in Queensland. Are Queensland’s laws and institutions equipped to ensure the integrity of government in the age of “being open … Read More >>

UN Committee against Torture condemns proposed changes to Migration Act

posted on December 1, 2014

The UN Committee against Torture has found Australia’s policy of intercepting and turning back boats is done without consideration of the country’s obligations under article 3 of the UN Convention against Torture. The Committee said the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill 2014 puts Australia at grave risk of … Read More >>

ALHR supports recommendations in ALRC ‘Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws’ report

posted on November 30, 2014

Australia Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) congratulates the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) on delivering the report, Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws. Nathan Kennedy, President of ALHR briefly explains that “the Report advocates for a new “Commonwealth decision-making model” that emphasises ‘supporters’ and ‘representatives’ for people with disabilities rather than substituted decision making”. … Read More >>