The time for the appointment of a disability discrimination commissioner is now

ALHR joins calls for the Australian Human Rights Commission to appoint a full time disability discrimination commissioner after the resignation of Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson. It is also timely that Commissioner Susan Ryan AO finishes her term in July this year. The disability discrimination portfolio was added to her existing workload in the Ageing Portfolio in July 2014 when the then Abbott Government failed to re-appoint a full time Commissioner in place of Graeme Innes who had held the role since 2005.

ALHR president, Nathan Kennedy explains “it was diabolical when the former disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes was replaced with a part time commissioner in July 2014. The human rights of people with disabilities in Australia requires clear leadership and strategic direction from the AHRC. It is well known that Australians with disabilities are among some of the most disadvantaged in the community facing some of the most entrenched marginalisation. The recognition of their human rights must be upheld and advocated for by the AHRC.”

Mr Kennedy said “the resignation of Mr Wilson and upcoming expiry of Commissioner Ryan’s term in July 2016 offers an opportunity for the AHRC to put in place a full time disability discrimination commissioner and restore the recognition of the human nights of people with disabilities in Australia. ALHR urges the appointment of a Commissioner with a lived experience with disability”,

 Media Contact: Nathan Kennedy, President