The Law and Medicine: diverging images of trauma in Darfur NSW

Date: Wed 17th August 2011

Different disciplines view historical events through the lens of their own professional preoccupations. The international lawyer is concerned with whether or not the law can be applied and enforced to achieve peace or to redress wrongs. The medical professional is concerned with the alleviation of human suffering through the treatment of physical and mental harm.

This event aims to present the different experiences of trauma in the work of legal and medical professionals. It draws on the experiences of doctors and nurses who have worked in Darfur and lawyers who have studied the international community’s response to a conflict which began in 2003, has killed at least 300,000 people, displaced 1.8 million more, and has led, for the first time, to a sitting head of state being indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Dr Ben Saul: Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney
Dr Michael Shanahan: Consultant Physician, doctor with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Darfur and Turkmenistan.
Christine Shanahan: Registered Nurse, worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Darfur and Turkmenistan
Dr Emily Crawford: Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

Organised by ALHR and the Sydney Centre for International Law.

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NOTE: Thanks to those that RSVP’d, we look forward to seeing you there. Unfortunately however this event is now fully booked out. However, if you have already RSVP’d and can’t attend, can you please let us know, in case we have others that are keen to come along.