Take action with Remedy Australia

June 10, 2014

Remedy Australia is Australia’s newest human rights NGO, launched on the 20th anniversary of 1994’s landmark Toonen v Australia case. Remedy Australia is a supporter-based organisation with a mandate to get Australia to comply with UN decisions on human rights complaints, both past and future. Australia is obliged to remedy individual violations and ensure they never happen again.

To launch Remedy Australia, Remedy has sent a report to the UN following-up all Australian cases to date and assessing Australia’s progress in remedying each violation. The results are not good. Australia has remedied only 18% of complaints upheld against it so far. Join Remedy in making that 100%.

Please consider signing Remedy’s 2 current campaigns for remedies in individual cases here:

Coleman v Australia http://Remedy.org.au/action
Horvath v Australia http://remedy.org.au/action/horvath.php