Support Arek Zoltowski – Petition

February 4, 2016

To the Lawyers, Solicitors, Attorneys, Barristers, Law Consultants and to legal fraternity in general, to friends, well wishers, defenders of “Human Rights” and the “Rights of a Child” and to all people , who just care for the children in general.


I am Arek Zoltowski, a Polish citizen since birth and the Australian citizen since 1984.

I am asking you to spare a single minute of your time, open the provided web link and submit a support letter published by non-government organization, who do a great good for Australia.

To sign the petition please click here and simply fill in your name and click submit button.

Sounds so easy – means so much.

Also, I encourage you to pass on this email if you care, to your friends and families and ask them to do the same, like if you were doing it for your own son or a brother.

Please, submit a petition just so you, your families and friends will never have to experience a similar anguish and pain as my little son has had experienced, not to mention his two sisters.

Thank you,

Arek Zoltowski, father – a victim and on behalf of my son:

Nikita Zoltowski, child – a victim


Un Human Rights Committees’ Decision: