Position Vacant: Chair of the ALHR Indigenous Rights Subcommittee

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) is currently searching for a new Chair for our National Indigenous Rights Subcommittee. Given the ongoing historic and egregious nature of human rights violations of indigenous people in Australia, from indefinite detention or over-representation to Closing the Gap, this area is a very important strategic focus of ALHR’s work. When critical issues of constitutional recognition and treaty are looming large on the national agenda, ALHR wants to be heard in the dialogue and ensure international human rights standards are maintained at the forefront of the important debates surrounding indigenous peoples’ rights.

ALHR is looking for someone to fill the role who has knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of indigenous rights and is passionate about making a difference. The Chair/Coordinator of the National Indigenous Rights Subcommittee will lead ALHR’s work in this area and will chair meetings of the subcommittee. They will be supported and guided by ALHR’s National Committee. If you would like to formally nominate for this role, please send an expression of interest and  your CV to to Kerry Weste via email at: vicepresident@alhr.org.au

Please also feel free to contact Kerry if you have any questions about the role.

Indigenous applicants are encouraged to apply.