ALHR Submission to Department of Home Affairs Discussion Paper: Managing Australia’s Migrant Intake

February 6, 2018

ALHR has made a submission to the Department of Home Affairs Discussion Paper: Managing Australia’s Migrant Intake

ALHR recognises the importance of a well-managed Migration Program and the social and economic benefits that migration brings to Australia. While economic and social benefits are important considerations, Australia’s interests would also benefit from innovative and inclusive approaches to its humanitarian contribution through the Migration Program. While the Discussion Paper notes that the Humanitarian Program is managed separately and not as part of the permanent Migration Program, it does not follow that refugees or other people with humanitarian needs should be precluded from, or discriminated against in, in accessing ordinary migration pathways. Indeed, ALHR considers that the planning and implementation of a well-managed Migration Program should maximise opportunities for refugees to access skilled, student and family reunion pathways. ALHR notes that there is ample evidence that refugees bring significant economic, social and cultural benefits to Australia consistent with the objectives of the Migration Program.  ALHR considers that the Migration Program and the Humanitarian Program should operate in a way that is integrated and complementary.

ALHR’s Submissions considers in particular the following questions posed in the Discussion Paper: 

  • What factors are important to consider in planning the Migration Program over the next five years? Would those factors change over the next 10 or 15 years? If so, how?
  • How could the permanent Migration Program be more responsive to global migration trends, including the rise of temporary migration?
  • How can we ensure family migration best enables Australians to reunite with overseas family members, while supporting the Australian community?

You can read our full submission here