Joint Letter urges Bob Carr to encourage US accession to Mine Ban Treaty

March 30, 2012

ALHR added its voice to a joint letter from humanitarian organisations urging Foreign Minister Bob Carr to use diplomatic channels to urge the US to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty. The letter was initiated by the Australian Network to Ban Land Mines and Cluster Munitions (ANBLC).

Commending his principled stand in publicly condemning the use of landmines by the Syrian regime, the letter appealed to Mr Carr to confirm and extend this strong humanitarian approach to support universalization of this important treaty, which establishes a strong international standard against any use of antipersonnel mines.

Interestingly, the US is already in compliance with key obligations of the Mine Ban Treaty, having ceased the use, export and production of anti-personnel landmines since 1997. They are also the world?s largest contributor to mine clearance and victim assistance programs, suggesting the US clearly recognises the inhumanity and destructive legacy of these weapons. Accession would articulate an unequivocal political and legal commitment to the obligations of the Mine Ban Treaty, would further strengthen international norms and encourage other countries to join the fold.

You can read the letter below. To find out more about the issue, visit the ANBLC website.

Australian Network to Ban Land Mines and Cluster Munitions website