Submission Template: Inquiry into an Accessible Complaints Mechanism for the ACT Human Rights Act

April 4, 2022

Thanks to over 500 signatures on our “No Rights Without Remedy” Petition the ACT Legislative Assembly is holding an Inquiry into whether our ACT Human Rights Act should be amended to include an accessible complaints mechanism.

Submissions are due by 7th April 2022 and we have created a very easy to use FAST SUBMISSION TEMPLATE  so that you can tell the ACT Government you believe we should all be able to take action if our rights are breached.

Our template can be completed by individuals or organisations in a very short time. You can add further detail where we have indicated if you would like to or simply remove the highlighted areas and send the template with your individual or organisation’s details contact details.

 We are strong supporters of the ACT Human Rights Act, however, currently if individuals believe that their human rights have been breached, they are only able to make a complaint by bringing a legal action to the Supreme Court. Such actions are very expensive and complex, making them difficult to access for everyday people in the ACT. 

The people of the ACT need easier, cheaper and simpler pathways to make a complaint if our Human Rights Act is to realise its true potential to protect and promote our human rights.

Please use our template to make a submission to the Inquiry and join us in asking the ACT Government introduce an amendment to the ACT Human Rights Act which:

  • enables a complaint about any breach of the Human Rights Act to be made to the ACT Human Rights Commission for confidential conciliation, and
  • if conciliation is unsuccessful, enables a complaint about a breach of the Human Rights Act to be made to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal for resolution

If you have any questions about making submission, would like further support with your submission or if you think you need more time and would like us to help you seek an extension from the Committee please email Kerry and Sophie at and