Australian Lawyers for Human Rights welcome expungement of Queensland homosexual convictions

December 4, 2016

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) is pleased to see Queensland follow New South Wales and Victoria to expunge convictions for homosexuality.

In an important step to rectify a history of discrimination, Queensland’s Attorney-General Yvette D’Arth has introduced the draft bill to Parliament.

This will affect hundreds of men convicted under Queensland law for consensual gay sex prior to 1991.

ALHR LGBTI Co-Chair, Kathryn Cramp, said: “This bill is long overdue for those suffering the stigma of a conviction for what is now lawful sexual activity. It is not enough that consensual adult male homosexuality was de- criminalised, we must see the consequences of those convictions dismantled.”

Co-Chair Nicholas Stewart said: “NSW passed a similar law last year and it was evident at the time how much hurt was caused by laws that criminalised consensual sex between men. It is fantastic that Queensland is following suit.”

Those seeking to remove their convictions from the public record will need to apply to the director-general of the QLD Department of Justice and Attorney- General.

Most other states and territories have laws or are introducing bills to allow for the expungement of homosexual sex convictions.

The Queensland Government is also expected to remove the Homosexual Advance Defence into the future.

Contact: Kathryn Cramp, LGBTI Co-Chair, National Committee member, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights 0434 931 671 –