ALHR supports the recommendations of the Senate legal and constitutional affairs legislation committee on marriage equality

June 26, 2012

“Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (“ALHR”) welcomes the recommendations of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee supporting the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 (with amendments),” Stephen Keim, President of ALHR, said today. “It is pleasing to see that the Committee has understood that marriage equality is about removing discrimination in relation to a secular institution and has made its recommendations in a reasoned and considerate manner respecting both sides of the debate.”

“ALHR had made strong and detailed submissions to the Committee on the right to non-discrimination, the meaning of marriage in international law, the support for marriage equality in Australia and amendments to the definition of marriage in the Bill.” Mr Keim said.  “The Committee’s report expressly refers to many of ALHR?s submissions and its recommendations are broadly in line with those suggested by ALHR.”

The Committee also recommends that all political parties allow their members and senators a conscience vote on the issue. “This is not a matter with which political parties should play partisan politics.” Mr Keim said.  “As the Committee acknowledged, although this is a matter of equality there are many and varied heartfelt views in the community and the Parliament.  ALHR supports the Committee in calling on all political parties to allow their members and senators a conscience vote on the issue.”