ALHR seeks expressions of interest for South Australian Convenors

April 13, 2021

ALHR is seeking expressions of interest from lawyers or law students nearing completion of their studies to Co-Convene our South Australian activities.

The successful applicants will be lawyers or law students with a knowledge of and passion for international human rights law. ALHR convenors are supported and guided by ALHR’s National Committee and Executive Management Committee.

Ideally we seek to appoint a team of three. These are voluntary positions and successful applicants will need to maintain a current ALHR membership.

ALHR State Convenor Position Description

ALHR State/ Territory Convenors are responsible for proactively and energetically engaging the membership of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) locally and contributing to the national management of ALHR’s operations and advocacy. ALHR State/Territory Convenors play a vital role to the health of ALHR in being responsible for managing ALHR advocacy on local State and Territory human rights issues and by engaging, as appropriate, with ALHR’s national thematic subcommittees and national committee.

By effectively, enthusiastically and innovatively engaging ALHR members, ALHR State/Territory Convenors ensure that ALHR has the human and financial resources it requires to operate effectively while optimising its advocacy impacts. Once members are engaged, they can assist with ALHR activities such as submission-writing, letter-writing, political lobbying organising and hosting educational/fundraising events, fundraising and/or holding official positions. Convenors can also engage with less-active members, through newsletters, educational/fundraising events, and media engagement to assist with keeping human rights in the forefront of members’ minds and daily lives.

Convenors must be current 2021 members of ALHR.

Expectations of the role

  1. Comply at all times with ALHR’s policies and procedures including the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures; the Financial Control and Authorisation Policy and Procedures, Social Media Policy, Volunteers Policy and the policies and procedures set out within the National Committee Induction Pack.
  2. Convening a minimum of four (4) meetings per annum for the state or territory membership .
  3. Focus on proactively addressing and confronting local human rights issues through: (i) membership-engagement; (ii) submission-writing; (iii) letter writing, (iv) engaging political representatives, (v) media engagement, (vi) organising educational/fundraising events on the issue.
  4. Organise, arrange and facilitate the organisation of at least two (2) major fundraising events per year or fundraising a minimum of between $1,000 and $2,500 per year, depending on the size of the jurisdiction in which they are based.
  5. Draft and send four (4) to twelve (12) (with a strict minimum of four (4)) newsletters per year to the State/Territory membership.
  6. Closely Monitor and respond promptly to emails sent to the ALHR Convenor email address. Emails should at least be checked every second day.
  7. Engage with and reach out to enthusiastic members and ensure they are given opportunities to contribute to ALHR’s multi-faceted advocacy. Think about succession planning for the next generation of convenors.
  8. Network with other local NGOs, groups, organisations and stakeholders in order to collaborate on various and different human rights campaigns including co-hosting educational/fundraising events (with the prior approval of the national Committee)
  9. Consistently attend the monthly meetings of the ALHR National Committee to report back on the State / Territory activities. State/Territory Convenors are expected to work together to ensure that there is always at least one ALHR Co-Convenor present at the monthly meetings of the National Committee.
  10. Attend the Annual General Meeting and a minimum of 1 convenor should attend the Annual ALHR Planning Weekend.
  11. Proactively engage and work with ALHR’s thematic national Subcommittees as a means of engaging local members and to organise educational/fundraising events and to conduct advocacy on local human rights issues.
  12. Respond to and consistently participate in the collaborative decision-making and approvals processes required of all members of the ALHR National Committee.
  13. Consultation with previous convenors/National Committee members is encouraged to assist in ascertaining achievable goals for your region and ALHR membership base.

If you would like to formally nominate for this role, please send an expression of interest and copy of your CV to Kerry Weste, ALHR President at 

Please also feel free to contact Kerry if you have any questions about the role.